Today, Fisher-Price relaunched Rescue Heroes, a preschool toy line featuring action figures that honor real life heroes. The product line will be available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and at, beginning this summer.

The line is designed to give parents and children a preschool-friendly way to engage in conversation about heroism in the world around us in the face of natural or manmade disasters.

This year, Rescue Heroes and Fisher-Price are teaming up with Joe Torrillo, a former Fire Department New York (FDNY) firefighter who survived the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Fisher-Price will honor his service with his own one-of-a-kind Rescue Heroes action figure.

Fisher-Price will also host Rescue Heroes parking lot events at Walmart stores across the nation this summer. These events will give kids an opportunity to engage with fire trucks and police cars, getting familiar with how they work and the purpose they serve.

Beginning in April, Fisher-Price will roll out Rescue Heroes content — including animated episodes — across YouTube Kids and Fisher-Price platforms. “Kid Heroes” content will highlight kids across the country who are heroes in their communities.

Starting today, consumers can preorder the new Rescue Heroes toy line exclusively at Fisher-Price will also showcase the products

Photos: James Zhan, The Toy Book