DragonsFuhu, the maker of the nabi tablet, has created a new tablet-based immersive play experience called Morpho Pods, connecting physical and digital play in different ways. Using advances in near field communication (NFC) technology, Morpho Pods merge toys, video games, interactive storybooks, and custom animation.

With the Morpho Pods Dragons Edition, kids can now connect to DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon films through new adventures and stories that provide a variety of digital interactive experiences.

Each Morpho Pods Dragons Edition package contains a small, palm-sized pod that springs open into an interlocking head, body, or tail of a dragon that can be connected together. With a tap of the Morpho Pod to a nabi DreamTab, kids can bring the dragons they just built to life with games and storytelling experiences. Kids can mix, match, and extend the parts into more than 125 possible combinations. The line includes the characters Toothless, Stormfly, Belch and Barf, Hookfang, and Meatlug.

The Dragon Edition of Morpho Pods will also unlock special features in the School of Dragons game by JumpStart, which is already preloaded onto the nabi DreamTab. The game immerses players in a 3-D dragon-themed world, where they can go on quests and train dragons to become the ultimate dragon trainer.

The Morpho Pods will debut this month exclusively at Wal-Mart locations.