Hasbro partnered with celebrity fashion stylist Laura Schuffman to design the looks for the relaunch of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fashion dolls collection. Each Mane 7 character has a style inspired by real-life looks.

The new Equestria Girls fashion dolls line will be available this month in the U.S. and will launch globally beginning next month.

There are seven dolls in the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Classic Doll Assortment I and II. Each doll wears an outfit inspired by its character: Applejack wears a classic country outfit with cowboy boots; Rarity wears a shiny top and accessories; Pinkie Pie wears a party dress with balloons printed on it; Sunset Shimmer wears a leather vest and ankle boots; Fluttershy wears a flowy dress and sandals; Rainbow Dash wears bright bracelets, shoes, and leggings; and Twilight Sparkle sports a conservative look with trendy glasses.