Ghostbusters: Plasma Series Action Figures | Source: Hasbro

On November 11, the original Ghostbusters will return to pass the Proton Pack to a new generation when Sony Pictures’ long-delayed Ghostbusters: Afterlife finally hits theaters.

During Toy Fair New York 2020, Hasbro previewed a wide range of new toys for kids and collectors that got caught up in the shuffle between pandemic-related theater closures and other delays. Now, with the debut of the film’s full trailer today, Hasbro unleashed a formal look at new product offerings, including a collector-focused range of 6-inch scale Ghostbusters Plasma Series action figures; a kid-focused 5-inch scale series Fright Features action figures; a NERF-enhanced Mini-Puft Popper; an R/C RTV Ghost Trap; and a Ghostbusters edition of Clue.

Source: Hasbro/The Toy Book

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These products and more — some of which were revealed last year — will be available at major retailers this fall.

While the Ghostbusters are back in action, one thing that they can’t bust is inflation. Hasbro’s long-promised price increases kick in on August 1 thanks to increased costs due to the global shipping crisis, COVID-19-related manufacturing challenges, and overall inflation in the U.S. The Plasma Series spikes to $24.99 from $19.99, while many $9.99 products creep to $10.99. Those examples increase as the prices go up.