Source: Cepia LLC/The Toy Book

The world of Cats vs. Pickles is about to expand again with some seasonal flair.

This fall, Cepia LLC is unleashing a limited-edition line of collectible, 4-inch plush Holiday Cats vs. Pickles (CvP) Beans. The new series is primed to be one of this year’s hottest stocking stuffers and will be available to retailers in 12-pack open assortments and 18-piece cases of Mystery Bags. During a digital preorder campaign, the new Holiday CvP assortments quickly sold through their initial allotment.

“The holidays are what it’s all about in the toy industry, and these limited-edition CvP beans truly reflect the spirit of the season by providing comfort and joy,” says Cepia CEO James Russell Hornsby. “We wanted to give our CvP fans something extra special this season, and it’s our way of saying thank you during this extraordinary year.”

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While the online stock was quickly depleted, retailers including Learning Express and Five Below will stock limited quantities of the Holiday CvP range this fall.  The line includes 10 new cats: Fur-osty the snow kitty, Kitty Cane, Missy with her mistletoe, Woody the nut-catcker, Sugar Cookie, Santa Claws, Cocoa, Flurry, Prancer the rein-kitty, and Catastrophe the kitty who got a little too “wrapped up” in the spirit. Additionally, two new and exclusive pickles in the collection: Johan and Douglas.

Next week, Cepia will showcase the Holiday CvP Beans and unveil the new Purple Wave series of all-new CvP 4-inch Beans at the Toy Insider’s Suite Sweet @ Home virtual event on July 14, 2021.