For years, Mattel‘s Hot Wheels Garage of Legends has been the home to life-size 1:1-scale versions of some of the most iconic Hot Wheels toy cars. The vehicles, such as Twin Mill, Deora II, and the Loop Coupe, have occasionally made public appearances, most recently rolling out for select dates on the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. Now, those vehicles are taking center stage in a new MotorTrend original short-form series, Life Size.

Hot Wheels Life Size

In the premiere episode, professional driver Nicole Lyons gets behind the wheel of one of the most popular Hot Wheels ever: Bone Shaker. Designed in 1:64-scale by Larry Wood, the life-size Bone Shaker hits the streets as a true hot rod with an unmistakable skull at the front. In the episode, Lyons and Wood meet at the 2019 Grand National Roadster Show to discuss Wood’s more than 50 years at Hot Wheels, the influences on Bone Shaker’s design and the subtle differences between the die-cast toy and the life size version.

New episodes of Life Size debut on Mondays exclusively on the MotorTrend App, a streaming service that offers more than 250 original shows. Future episodes include “Twin Mill,” “Hot Wheels Stunt Cars,” “Brendan Vetusky Firebird,” and “Deora II.” Additionally, “Character Cars” will focus on the popular series of vehicles that are inspired by pop culture characters from Disney, Star Wars and more. A 1:1-scale Darth Vader car currently exists in the Legends Garage.