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Hunt A Killer is going global.

The company best known for its interactive murder mystery games inked a deal with Moose Games for international distribution. These games feature a number of boxes that are shipped to players, gradually feeding them clues that can be used to solve the case. This provides a unique format with the subscription box system. Hunt A Killer also develops more traditional games for retail, such as Death at the Dive Bar, Dead Below Deck (pictured top), and Body on the Boardwalk, which have all of the clues needed to solve the case in a single box rather than a series.

Ryan Schuman, senior director of retail at Hunt A Killer, says the partnership with Moose Games “will help us realize our international growth potential.” Moose Games is currently working on an international rollout beginning in the UK and Australia with plans to further expand from there.

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“We are always looking for new and innovative products, and new experiences for our customer base,” says David Norman, general manager, Moose Games. “We have high standards for products sold through our channels and Hunt A Killer has an incredible portfolio of games that we know our retail partners and their customers will love.”

The distribution deal focuses on Hunt A Killer’s retail games rather than the subscription boxes. The deal as it stands excludes distribution in the U.S. and Canada but will make for a hopefully profitable international opportunity for both Moose Games and Hunt A Killer.

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