Klutz Jr TitlesKlutz will launch Klutz Jr., a book and craft kit product line for kids 4 and up, to celebrate company’s 40th anniversary next year. Klutz Jr. will launch with four kits in January, with four more planned for fall 2017, and four planner per year thereafter. 

Unlike Klutz products, which are typically for ages 8 and up, Klutz Jr. is developmentally appropriate for preschool-aged kids. Created with a team of early learning educators, safety experts, and kid-testers, each Klutz Jr. kit comes with a handle, a full color “idea book” for inspiration, and content and components to get started right away.

The line will launch with My Clay Critters, which lets kids make 10 ocean critters; My Egg Carton Animals, where kids can transform egg cartons into 6 barnyard animals; My Twinkly Tiaras, where kids can decorate tiaras any way they like; and My Hand Art, which promotes fine motor skills and teach kids to draw 20 hand art designs.