LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. is putting a new twist on handheld, educational gaming.

RockIt Twist is a new play experience that packs 12 preloaded games into a self-contained, four-sided, rotatable handheld unit. The colorful, light-up controls include a directional pad, buttons, dials, a slider, and a switch. The games included on the RockIt Twist span five categories and three levels of difficulty. No Wi-Fi is necessary, so kids don’t need to be connected to play, and the games can be played anywhere. Parents can add MP3 audio files so that kids can listen to their own music while they play.

“We’re really excited to offer something truly innovative and unique in handheld gaming for this age group,” says Andy Keimach, president, VTech Electronics North America, LeapFrog’s parent company. “RockIt Twist gives kids a high-quality gaming experience with fun new challenges at every turn, as well as the educational content LeapFrog is known for, so kids are learning while they play!”

To expand the interactivity, kids can grow virtual RockIt Pets. LeapFrog will also offer six additional game packs, additional RockIt Pets, and physical RockIt Pets figures, each sold separately.

RockIt Twist is available at most major retailers.