Following the August launch of the Little Tikes Story Dream Machine, Little Tikes and MGA Entertainment have introduced a new story collection for the portable book projector. The Sesame Street Elmo and Friends Story Collection is now available, so kids can read and listen along to stories featuring Sesame Street characters during their bedtime routine.

There are three Elmo-inspired stories in the new collection. | Source: Little Tikes

There are three stories included, plus one Elmo character figure that activates calming lights once you set the machine to night light mode and place Elmo on top. Kids can engage with their familiar friend Elmo through a new medium as they project Elmo’s Furry Friend, Elmo’s Trip to the Farm, and Elmo Visits the Dentist on the wall or ceiling. 

In addition to projecting classic tales on the wall, the Story Dream Machine has sound effects and colorful lights to further immerse the reader in the story. It doubles as a nightlight and white noise machine as well. Other story collections include The Saggy Baggy Elephant, The Poky Little Puppy, and more. 

Kids can project stories featuring Elmo and friends on the wall or ceiling. | Source: Little Tikes

“Lying down for the night can be an especially challenging part of the day for some children, but at Sesame Street, we know that our minds and bodies need rest so we have energy to have fun and learn the next day,” says Gabriela Arenas, Senior Vice President, Global Product Licensing, Sesame Workshop. “We’re pleased to team up with Little Tikes to spark curiosity, create wonder, and inspire endless imagination as children get ready for bed.”

With the Sesame Street Elmo and Friends Story Collection comes an endorsement from actor, father, and TikTok content creator David Henrie, who uses the Story Dream Machine as a transition from playtime to bedtime.

“Putting kids to bed is a difficult task for most parents, and as a dad of three, I still have difficulty transitioning my children out of playtime to bedtime,” Henrie says. “The Little Tikes Story Dream Machine has been the perfect solution for creating a fun bedtime routine because it helps my kids transition to nighttime relaxing while improving their reading skills and still keeps me engaged. The Sesame Street story collection reminds me of the lessons I learned from Sesame Street when I was a child.”

Parents can watch how Henrie and his family interact with the machine and view parenting content on Little Tikes’ social media. The Little Tikes Story Dream Machine and the Sesame Street Elmo and Friends Story Collection are sold separately.

“Parents all over social media are hailing the Little Tikes Story Dream Machine as the ultimate play and bedtime solution for kids ages 3-6 due to its calming, colored lights, lightweight portability, and beloved educational stories,” says Isaac Larian, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MGA Entertainment. “Now, the Sesame Street Elmo & Friends Collection offers parents like David Henrie more stories to enjoy with characters they know and love. One of the hot new toys this holiday season, these story cartridges and Story Dream Machine projectors are already flying off the shelves so don’t wait to get yours!”

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