Lund and Company Invention LLC was selected as the winner of the Toy Political Action Committee (TOYPAC) Phase I raffle drawing, which was held this past Monday. The company will receive a Toy Fair 2015 prize package, including free booth space, accommodations, and travel.

Every Toy Industry Association (TIA) member company that submitted a Prior Approval Form—which allows TOYPAC to contact company personnel to ask for financial contributions—was entered into the raffle. “TOYPAC enables TIA to collect voluntary personal donations from the Association’s members, combine those funds into a more substantial amount, and direct those contributions to support key legislators on both sides of the aisle through a transparent process,” said Ed Desmond, TIA’s executive vice president of external affairs.

For the Phase II of the TOYPAC participation campaign, those who donate to TOYPAC through May 31 will be eligible to win a Toy Fair 2015 or personal travel prize package. Participants will receive a raffle entry for every $100 they donate, up to $5,000. The winner will be announced on June 2.

More information about TOYPAC and the raffle is available at the TIA website, or by contacting TIA’s Rachel Hedge at (202) 459-0355.