A new generation of talking toys is coming soon.

Mego 2, a collaboration between Mego and D1srupt1ve, is combining each company’s expertise in figure-making and artificial intelligence (AI) for a new toy designed to actively interact with kids. The 2XL collaborative robot (cobot) debuted at Toy Fair last month, granting attendees an insider look at what Mego 2 hopes will be the future of interactive smart toys.

The 2XL cobot utilizes D1srupt1ve’s AI technology to offer kids a conversation partner that actually learns. The toy can create stories, talk about a number of subjects, and speak more than 30 languages. Parents can add custom guardrails to ensure topics stay safe and secure. The toy has a light-up face with varying expressions and can be set to make conversation or tell stories.

Mego is known for its long history in the world of toys. The company started in 1954, eventually making 8-inch action figures that became standard across the industry. The original 2-XL, made by Mego in 1978, shook things up as an early example of a smart toy. Kids could interact with the toy using a series of buttons on its stomach to answer questions. Following a revival of the company in 2010, Mego hopes to set new standards with the launch of a new 2XL with modern technology.

The new toy was featured in demonstrations at the License to Play booth during Toy Fair. It’s the first creation to come out of Mego and D1srupt1ve’s partnership, with both companies aiming to shake up the world of tech toys.

The 2XL will launch in time for the holidays.

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