Blippi Sunglasses | Source: Moonbug Entertainment

Blippi has already conquered toys and costumes, and now the YouTube star is setting his sights on a new category: eyewear.

Roshambo Baby Inc. inked a deal with Moonbug Entertainment to create a full range of colorful polarized sunglasses, blue light blocking “Screen Time Glasses,” and prescription glasses in three kids’ sizes: baby, toddler, and big kids. For parents who wish to join in on the action, Roshambo released two adult sizes in coordinating colors.

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“Blippi is never without his iconic orange glasses and neither should his fans,” says Simon Philips, senior in-house advisor to Moonbug Entertainment. “Not only is this Blippi eyewear fun for the whole family, but they were also made to help children to protect their eyes by a brand that families can trust. We can’t wait to see what adventures families go on with their new Blippi eyewear.”

The full range of glasses is available now at