Get ready for the new Oh! My Gif collection from Moose Toys, which is inspired by internet GIFs, memes, and stickers. The collection brings popular GIFs to the real world as moving collectible toys.

“Moose is super excited to get this toy into the market and into the hands of kids,” says Ronnie Frankowski, chief marketing officer at Moose Toys. “We are incredibly proud of the team behind this brand and how they continue to disrupt, innovate, and push creative boundaries in the collectible aisle.”

Kids ages 6 and up can share and collect an assortment of 50 “GIFbits” characters. Each GIFbit has unique looping movements that can reset with a touch. The GIFbit characters include a cat typing on a computer, a #failburger hamburger who lifts weights, and more.

Kids can collect from six different GIFbits teams, including #WOW, #FAIL, #SUPP, #GOALS, #CURRENTVIBE, and #BESTIE.

Oh! My Gif

With each pack, kids can download a special Oh! My Gif mobile app and scan a QR code that enables kids to download a digital sticker version of the characters. The digital stickers can be saved to kids’ or parents’ phones and utilized across social media and messaging apps.

The collection first debuted at the London Toy Fair, which takes place from Jan. 21-23. Oh! My Gif single packs ($4.99) and studio packs ($9.99) will be available this May.