homemade-gak copySlime is making a comeback, according to the NPD Group, among kids in school. This year, the hashtag #Slime is nearing 2 million posts on Instagram.

Formerly been looked at with disgust, slime is a soft, slippery substance. Some Instagram videos feature slime being kneaded with the hashtag #oddlysatisfying, promoting relaxation through the visual. Students are embracing slime and bringing their homemade slime with them to school. The recipe calls for one bottle of glue, shaving cream, borax, water, and food coloring. 

Thanks in part to this latest trend, glue sales are up 4 percent for the latest 26 weeks. With parents and students heading to the store to purchase slime ingredients, 70 percent of glue growth is stemming from brick-and-mortar stores. Sales of school glue, the main slime ingredient, are up over $3 million versus the prior year. So far, U.S. regions seeing the highest rate of growth include the East and West South Central census divisions. The slime trend is oozing its way into schools throughout the nation and worldwide, and as more parents receive requests for the five key ingredients, retailers want to make sure they not only have these, and other slime enhancing supplies, stocked, but are staying up to date on the latest fads that can move sales in the school and office supplies space.