NSI International has a new addition to its Laser X brand of at-home laser tag — the Laser X Morph blaster.

The new blaster offers multiple ways to play, with interactive game targets that “morph” into Laser X blasters, each with a 300-foot range, lights, and sound effects. Each set includes two interactive morphing game targets with three built-in games. The game can be played as a single-player experience, or with an unlimited number of friends. Morph blasters are the first Laser X blasters to offer players the option of wearing their receiver target on their arm, or leaving it mounted inside the blaster.

“Morph is a tremendous addition to the Laser X lineup,” says Brian Waldman, senior vice president of NSI and the creator of Laser X. “The blasters can be used so many different ways. With three different ways to play, the Morph Blasters really expand the Laser X play experience. All of our blasters let you play one-on-one or in teams — or set your blaster to rogue, and everyone’s on their own. You can have an unlimited number of players. And all of our gear works together, so whatever blaster you have, just turn it on and join the fun.”

Laser X

Laser X blasters work in sunlight and darkness. With the exception of batteries, everything players need is included right in the box.

At launch, Laser X Morph is available at Target and getlaserx.com.

Additional Laser X gear is available at Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Best Buy, Meijer, Learning Express, and other retailers around the world.