PlayMonster prides itself on being “Big on Fun” — and its 2020 lineup is no exception.

The company will introduce a range of products this year, including new games, building sets, activities, and more. 

In addition to Stacktapus, which is already available, PlayMonster will introduce a new line of games called Break In, one-time play experiential puzzle games that players ages 10 and up have to figure out how to break into places such as Alcatraz. Best of all, this line of games has players working cooperatively, so you can feel a sense of pride when your team succeeds together. 

One of our team’s favorites at Toy Fair New York this year was Drone Home, a head-to-head competitive play in which kids race to launch their aliens down ramps to get them into the drone. When an alien lands inside, it triggers the drone to start up and fly, so players must frantically try to knock that alien out and get their own in before the drone takes off to take the alien home.

Trailz is a strategy game in which teams of shrooms and slugs face off to out-smart and out-maneuver each other to get to the other side of the board. Designed for kids ages 7 and up, this game is perfect for introducing younger players to the concept of strategy games.

One of PlayMonster’s new line this year is Face Paintoos. Using just a wet sponge, kids can apply the designs easily and in just a few minutes for lasting results that won’t smudge, but are easy to clean off when kids are ready. The Face Paintoos line includes 5-packs of three popular design themes: Pets, Wild, and Magical. All three themes are also available in the larger party pack.

The company will also add Snap Ships, a new line that features a collectible, versatile, modular building system that allows kids to build multiple crafts. All of the sets are interchangeable so you can combine the snap-together cube pieces to create different, larger builds. Each set features real shooting weapon play so kids can Build to Battle, and features a plastic lid that is used as a stand when displaying ships when not playing. The line also features an app and a YouTube series that expands the world.

Other additions include SkillDillies, toddler toys from the Mirari line; light-up features to the My Fairy Garden line; and kid-friendly updates to the MagnaTab. Plus, as part of the company’s earlier acquisition of Kahootz, PlayMonster will expand popular lines such as Spirograph with new products such as the Spirograph Scratch and Shimmer.