PlayMonster LLC acquired Utter Nonsense!, The Hilarious Accent Game. Originally launched on Kickstarter before hitting Target shelves, the game is now available in two editions, Utter Nonsense: Family Edition and Utter Nonsense: Naughty Edition.

PlayMonster will showcase Utter Nonsense!, The Hilarious Accent Game during its booth at New York Toy Fair.

In Utter Nonsense!, players take turns assuming “Nonsense Judge” duties in each round, dealing seven Phrase Cards to each player and revealing an Accent Card from the top of the deck. Each player chooses a Phrase Card in his or her hand that works best with the featured Accent Card for the zaniest combination and reads it aloud. The Nonsense Judge determines whose performance was the funniest to take the win. Once a player wins five rounds, he or she wins the game.