Spirograph Animator | Source: PlayMonster

Last week, at the Toy Insider‘s Sweet Suite @ Home event, PlayMonster pulled back the curtain on Spirograph Animator, the latest addition to the company’s arts and crafts assortment.

Created under license from Hasbro, Spirograph Animator uses the power of light and motion to create the illusion of animation in the classic Spirograph art style.

Spirograph Animator | Source: PlayMonster

“A whole generation of children grew up creating with Spirograph and fondly remember the joy they felt making their own intricate designs,” says PlayMonster Associate Vice President of Marketing Lisa Wuennemann. “PlayMonster is proud to introduce the brand to a whole new cohort of children, in a way that’s engaging and new, with the Spirograph Animator. This product innovation is yet another way that PlayMonster is bringing a fresh approach to universal, classic play.”

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Spirograph Animator comes as a deluxe studio set that includes built-in storage and comes with six gears and five markers.

Earlier this year, Spirograph Animator was named a finalist in the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) 2021 Best Toys for Kids list.