PlayShifu’s New “Phygital” Board Game Platform ‘Tacto Classics’ | Source: PlayShifu

The next generation of futuristic upgrades has arrived.

PlayShifu has launched the first-ever “phygital” board game platform, Tacto, based on innovative technology and augmented reality (AI) that turns screen time into family time. Using iPads, kids can utilize real figurines to access the virtual gameplay on Tacto’s platform.

New PlayShifu Tacto Laser | Source: PlayShifu

This first collection features six all-new gaming sets designed for ages four and up, including Tacto Classics, Tacto Laser, Tacto Coding, Tacto Chess, Tacto Electronics, and Tacto Dino. Kids can play anything from family favorites like Trolls & Ladders to coding games that teach through story-based gameplay. Each set comes with a unique set of figurines and frames to securely hold tablets in place. All six gaming sets are compatible with the free Tacto App and let kids explore three or more story-based games with hundreds of levels each.

“With screen time for children ages four to nine averaging as high as five hours every day, PlayShifu is on a mission to help parents convert their children’s screen time into hands-on educational playtime,” says PlayShifu co-founder and CEO Vivek Goyal.

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PlayShifu’s new collection reflects a year of rapid revenue growth and a successful $17 million Series B fundraising round for the company. Tacto is the third flagship line from PlayShifu, which prides itself on revolutionizing the way Gen Alpha plays and learns.

Four of the six Tacto game sets — including Tacto Classics, Laser, Coding, and Chess — are available now. The remaining sets —Electronics and Dino — will roll out in July.

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