carebearsPlumzi and American Greetings Entertainment have partnered to bring a free Care Bears Appisode, Care Bear-A-Thon, to the App Store for Apple TV. Fans of Care Bears can now interact with their favorite characters on Apple TV as they progress through the story using the touch surface and motion-sensing capabilities of the Siri Remote. 

Kids will be able to use their remote to help Funshine Bear pedal faster by spinning the remote (making users feel as if they are holding onto the pedal of his bike), draw their name on Funshine’s notepad by scribbling on the Siri Remote touch surface, and help Tenderheart Bear meditate by swiping on the touch surface to play music with the harp.

With dozens of interactions designed for the Apple TV and new Siri Remote, the viewing experience becomes an immersive TV experience empowering viewers with the remote.

The appisode can be found on the App Store for Apple TV here.