Source: Plus-Plus/The Toy Book

Over the past few years, a growing market for play experiences geared toward adults has emerged and the latest offering from Plus-Plus aims to build upon that.

Boks (“box” in Danish) is a new construction set based around a wooden platform that both holds Plus-Plus’ unique, plus-shaped building pieces and serves as a building platform. Boks can be used as a desk accessory that doubles as a business card, phone, headphone, or pen holder. The sets, which are both playful and functional, debuted on Kickstarter earlier this month where backers quickly pushed the project past its modest $6,000 goal.


“While so many of us are working or learning from home, our team thought this was the perfect time to add a new creative element to our desks, kitchen tables, or anywhere you want to add some fun and function,” says Ryan Hamilton, head of product development at Plus-Plus.

The company, which manufactures all of its products at a wind-powered factory in Denmark, expects Boks to be available at retail beginning in January.