Kids and family digital entertainment company is welcoming eight new creators to its portfolio of 40 other creator partners, representing 830 million YouTube subscribers. 

Daniel LaBelle, The McClure Twins, Dominoki Kids Songs, Papa Jake, Akili and Me, Wilson World, Gaby and Alex, and Toys AndFun Sisters will join as creator partners. Each creator has more than one million subscribers on YouTube and remains popular in the kid and family entertainment video category. 

The company has a content library that consists of more than 37,000 hours of kids and family content available for distribution. develops new content with well-known kid creators, distributing videos across 43 platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Prime in several countries. 

The new partnerships will continue the expansion of’s content, from comedy and gaming to education and music. 

“ values partnering with creators who are incremental to the diverse range of content available for kids and families to enjoy together,” says Chase Landau, Senior Vice President, Creator Partnerships at “We’re excited to collaborate with these impressive creators to build upon their already massive audiences and work with them to increase monetization while expanding and diversifying their brands.”

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Samantha Connell

Samantha Connell

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