OLO Industries, in partnership with RedwoodVentures, introduced Smooshy Mushy licensees in North America and Europe. The brand is based on the collectible toy line that launched in the U.S. last year.

Evolution USA and Lisle Licensing, Smooshy Mushy’s exclusive licensing and brand management agents, released the first list of Smooshy Mushy licensed products to appear at retail in North America, the UK, and Europe. Licensees include The Bentex Group of Companies (H.I.S. International, Dreamwave, and Extreme Concepts) for apparel, T-shirts, swimwear, and outerwear; Handcraft Manufacturing Corp. for packaged and hanging underwear; Fast Forward for bags, backpacks, and lunch kits; Concept One for headwear and cold weather accessories; High Point Design for hosiery, tights, and slipper socks; Inkology for school supplies and stationary; Horizon Group for arts and crafts and activities; Spin Master and Cardinal Industries (worldwide rights) for games and puzzles; KIDdesigns Inc. for youth electronics; Franco Manufacturing for bedding, beach, bath, accessories, and room décor; Fiesta Concession Corp. for amusement plush and novelty; BLMP Network (worldwide rights) for online assortment of digital collectibles; Radz II for novelty candy and confections.

DJ Murphy was appointed as the magazine publisher in the UK and Ireland, and additional licensees in publishing and apparel will be added as the collectible line rolls out in Europe. Other categories in final negotiation for the North American market include sleepwear, plush, health and beauty care, hair accessories, and publishing.

In addition, OLO Industries and RedwoodVentures will support the brand expansion of Smooshy Mushy with short-form animation in conjunction with Wild Brain.