RedwoodVentures Ltd. launched its Smooshy Mushy line of soft and squishy collectible toys at retail in partnership with OLO Industries Inc. The new line of scented, slow-rise squishable pets come in a variety of food themes, and each is packaged with a smaller collectible squishy Bestie to the pet.

Smooshy Mushy series one rolled out today and includes 8 of 24 different pet friends, including a Babsy Bear, Lolli Lamb, Popsy Piggy, and more. The line also includes Bestie Snack Pax, assorted blind bags with a squishy Bestie collectible, a poster, and a game; Frozen Delights, featuring a pet, Bestie, and a sharable recipe; and Bento Boxes, which comes with a pet, two besties, a tiny drink container, and “Find your Smooshy Name” game stickers.

The line is currently being sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide.