Source: Snorble

AI-based bedtime product company Snorble has received $10 million in investment from the New Jersey-based private equity firm GK Venture Partners to help bring positivity and balance to a kid’s sleeping routine.

“Backing to the tune of $10 million is a significant belief in the Snorble concept for an organization still in the pre-revenue phase,” says Snorble co-founder and CEO Mike Rizkalla. “We are standing at the foothills of a whole world of imagination that we will deliver through our immersive Lullaboo platform as we close in on the initial Snorble product launch.”

Snorble is made up of a team with expertise in animation, storytelling, entertainment, kid development, product engineering, voice recognition, AI, software engineering, design, marketing, and retail sales.

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“We are pleased to partner with a technology innovator within the AI space dedicated to the health and wellness of [kids],” says Phil Salmon, GK Venture Partners’ executive vice president and CEO. “Snorble is an innovative company that has created a meaningful experience that promotes positive interactions with technology while fostering healthy habits through a unique combination of functionality, AI, and educational content.”

In recent weeks, Snorble has made significant moves to bolster its executive team with the addition of Chief Revenue Officer & Executive Vice President of Sales Ed Gershowitz, Chief Experience Officer Vaitari Anderson, and Chief Technology Officer Steve Hecker.