Spin Master’s PAW Patrol Plush | Source: Spin Master Corp.

Spin Master issued its second annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report in an effort to track and highlight its progress against key benchmarks. The growing toy and entertainment company says that it has “a vision of bringing kids and families together through the timeless magic of play,” and its working to do that by focusing on four key areas of CSR: products, people, community, and environment.

“When we published our first CSR report a year ago, we couldn’t have imagined the significant challenges that would confront the world in 2020,” says Spin Master Chairman and Co-Founder Anton Rabie. “At Spin Master, we accelerated and adapted our CSR programs in response to the pandemic while also laying the foundation for the future. The health and safety of our employees was paramount, and we implemented supplemental programs aimed to help enable flexibility and ensure their wellbeing. Also, with children at home across the globe, isolated from friends and school, we answered the need to inspire joy and imagination through play with increased toy donations. Lastly, we continued to make progress against our environmental areas of focus to help ensure the sustainability of our planet for future generations.”

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Over the past year, Spin Master produced 274 million toys and was able to offset 100% of its self-generated carbon emissions while setting a plan in motion to launch two toy recycling programs this year. The company says that it reduced health and safety incidents in its facilities by 58% and that women now represent 43% of senior management. Additionally, Spin Master accelerated community efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by producing and donating 451,100 face shields and donating 460,444 toys to kids around the world.

Spin Master’s 2021 CSR report can be viewed here in its entirety.