Stern Pinball Founder Gary Stern. | Source: Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball is bringing in two new executives. 

Stern Pinball’s founder, Gary Stern, is stepping down as CEO, but is keeping his position as Chairman of the Board. He is being succeeded by Seth Davis, who is currently serving as President of the company. 

Davis previously worked on the executive team behind Disney+ and ESPN+ and in several positions throughout Disney’s Games department, including Head of Product Management for Connected Experiences within Disney Games and Consumer Products and Director of Disney Games’ Strategy, Market Analytics, and Product Planning. 

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Stern Pinball Chief Financial Officer Michael O’Donnell is also stepping down but staying on the Board. O’Donnell is being succeeded by Nick Parfitt, who previously worked for Fortune Brands at Jim Beam, MillerKnoll Inc., and nVenia, LLC. 

Finally, Shelley Sax-Eldridge, Stern Pinball’s Logistics Manager and one of the company’s longest-serving employees, is retiring after 36 years. 

These changes come as Stern Pinball has set records in pinball machine, accessory, and merchandise business over the past three years.

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