TalkingTomOutfit7 Limited has signed a licensing agreement for its Talking Tom and Friends franchise with Toyze, an app store for 3-D-printed customizable game characters. Users will be able to customize Talking Tom and Friends characters into 3-D models, share their creations on social channels, and bring them to life as 3-D-printed toys.

Talking Tom is currently available on Toyze’s app at both Google Play and the App Store.

Toyze offers two options to model and produce toys. First is the free app for 3-D customization: The company’s intuitive, in-app 3-D editor allows users to personalize characters in 3-D view, add accessories and attributes, play with poses and sizes, and build their collections. Once completed, users can share their creation via Facebook, Instagram, and email with friends and family.

Users will also be able to utilize Toyze’s 3-D editor to choose from 13-different eye colors, five hairstyles, 15 clothing styles, and seven masks, as well as add any of 15 hats or eight types of glasses. In addition, Talking Tom comes in eight different poses and 25 colors.

Once the 3-D model is complete, players can choose to purchase their creation from between an inch and eight inches tall, at which point Toyze creates and ships out the model.