TCG Toys expanded its collection of puzzles with works from Nelson De La Nuez (“King of Pop Art”), Charles Fazzino (“Master of 3D Pop Art), and award-winning photographer and New York Times best-selling author Anne Geddes.

The new offerings will be issued as part of the company’s Sure-Lox range of puzzles beginning this fall.

“It is a rare opportunity to get to work with such amazing artists and photographer to transform some of their signature works into puzzles for consumers to enjoy and appreciate up-close in their homes,” says Kelly Elwood, VP marketing & licensing at TCG Toys. “We are delighted to be the connection between these acclaimed artists and the public so more people will be exposed to art across a range of genres.”

Other artists featured in TCG Toys’ puzzle range include Abraham Hunter, Kevin Daniel, Troy Johnstone, John Lund, Stephanie D. Roeser, and Heronim Wysocki, along with puzzles inspired by books from best-selling author Debbie Macomber.