Source: The Insights Family

The Insights Family is celebrating the global launch of Parents Insights with “The Next Generation of Families,” a free report containing valuable marketing data for North America.

The new report reflects a change in family dynamic that has accelerated over the past year as kids and parents have spent more time together.

“After speaking to industry professionals in our 2021 Kids & Family Industry Report, we found that 89% agree that the world is moving faster than ever before and 70& think the amount of change is unparalleled,” says Sarah Riding, research and trends director, The Insights Family. “As kids, parents, and families continuously change the way they work, learn, and relax — it’s more important than ever to understand their attitudes, behaviors, and consumption patterns.”

Source: The Insights Family

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A number of trends have emerged as highlights in the report, including the multigenerational shift toward kids being influenced by parents; the rise in gaming as a family activity; and increased focus on education, wellbeing, and the environment.

In addition to the North American report, regional versions of The Next Generation of Families are available for Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. All can be accessed as a free download from The Insights Family.