Source: The Insights Family

The Insights Family is looking at its crystal ball for its annual “Future Forecast.”

The market leader for kids, parents, and family intelligence just released its 2022 Future Forecast report with insights into trends that toy and game makers, retailers, and others in the family entertainment space may want to be aware of.

“Our purpose is to provide kids, parents, and families with a voice,” says Nick Richardson, founder and CEO at The Insights Family. “Every year we track their attitudes, behaviors, and consumption in real-time, and the speed of change we are seeing cannot be underestimated. We are seeing more and more examples in our data, as to why every organization needs to become family first, and our team’s predictions for 2022 highlight a number of exciting opportunities and challenges for organizations to deal with.”

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Among the highlights of the report are details on how direct-to-consumer (D2C) business is set to grow and how “purpose” is becoming a major focus in marketing.

The 26-page report is available free of charge at