TIAThe Toy Industry Association (TIA) has made available the final results of the 2015 Toy Industry Financial and Operating Benchmark Survey. This confidential survey, conducted by Industry Insights, collected financial and operations data this past spring from 63 TIA member companies in the U.S. and Canada, all involved in the manufacturing, importing, and distribution of toys.

The resulting report enables companies to compare their financial and operating figures against other companies of similar size, category and distribution channel as well as reported industry norms, and identify valuable business improvement opportunities. The results package includes the final report—total respondent data organized by key segments—as well as an online searchable results tool—consisting of 24-hour, seven-day-per-week access to a web-based resource that allows users to create customizable reports that are most applicable for their organization.

TIA member companies that participated in the study will receive a free copy of the results as well as a unique Company Performance Report, which shows a company’s own data and financial ratios alongside industry totals and grades the organization on key operating ratios. Member manufacturers that did not participate in the survey, as well as non-member manufacturers, may purchase a copy of the results package by contacting the TIA’s Bernadette Boyle at (646) 454-5585.