Debbie Stevens of Candyapple & Co., Medina, OH | Source: Ty Inc.

Just two weeks after revealing that his company had been mitigating supply chain issues by turning to expensive air freight, Ty Warner says that Ty Inc. has completed a total of 283 flights.

The leading supplier of plush toys — including Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos — began flying in product in October in an effort to skip the much-publicized logjams as U.S. ports. Cargo planes loaded with toys destined for the specialty retail market, including independent toy stores, take off from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and other locations in China. The planes land at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport where shipments are unloaded and moved to Ty’s corporate headquarters for distribution.

“The flights will continue. I’m doubling down on what I said two weeks ago: Christmas is not canceled,” Warner says. “I’m determined not to let the global supply chain issues interfere with the holidays, and I’m committed to supporting independent retailers.”

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“This year has been an incredible struggle for small businesses, as we are considered an ‘afterthought’ for most suppliers. Not Ty Warner. Ty has put small business first,” says Debbie Stevens, owner of Candyapple & Co. in Medina, OH. “Ty has allowed me to fill my store with a terrific product — shockingly, without any price increases.”

Despite a barrage of global supply chain issues, the toy industry has fared well in 2021 and looks to see continued growth as new product continues to arrive at retailers daily.