The United States Playing Card Co. (USPCC) is expanding its category offerings within its Games by Bicycle portfolio.

The Alpha and Exchange are the first-ever light strategy board games to be offered by the company, which is famous for its Bicycle brand of playing cards.

“We are always looking for ways to expand our product offerings and the light strategy game category introduces the brand to an ever-expanding and intriguing audience,” says USPCC President Michael Slaughter. “Both The Alpha and Exchange are games that are unlike any others offered by us or by competitors in the market today.”

The United States Playing Card Co.'s Exchange and The Alpha

In The Alpha, players control a wolf pack as they lead the wolves on a search for food across multiple stages of the hunt: Stalk, Chase, Resolve, and Advance. At the end of five rounds, the wolf pack with the most food will be declared The Alpha.

Previously available as a self-published game, Exchange is a game of Wall Street strategy. Players assume the role of a securities trader competing for the highest net worth across five rounds in an ever-changing market. In the end, the player who corners the market and has the highest net worth will win the game and the title of the best trader on the Exchange.

Other Games by Bicycle include Tattoo Stories, It’s Blunderful, and Shuffle Grand Prix. The Alpha and Exchange will be available for sale beginning June 16.

Last year, the Cartamundi Group completed its acquisition of the USPCC.