InnoTab 3-3S Plus Availability Release FINAL[2]VTech’s newest children’s learning tablets—the InnoTab 3S Plus and the InnoTab 3 Plus—are now available. Each 5-inch tablet features a rechargeable battery power pack, as well as access to more than 800 learning cartridges, software, and apps that can be purchased and downloaded through VTech’s Learning Lodge app store.

InnoTab 3S Plus features Wi-Fi and comes with 16 apps, including free access to an enhanced second generation of Premium VTech Kid Connect, a tablet-to-mobile communication app that lets kids communicate in real time and exchange voice and text messages, photos, drawings, and stickers with their parents’ smartphones. Meanwhile, InnoTab 3 Plus comes with 12 apps, and is priced to be a first learning tablet for price-conscious parents.

Both InnoTab 3S Plus and InnoTab 3 Plus come with Movie Maker, which lets kids use their photos to create movies; Art Studio, which unleashes a child’s creative side through color, drawing, painting, and decoration with stickers; 180-degree rotating camera; expandable memory; styluses; and more.

Later this year, both tablets will be joined by InnoTab MAX1, VTech’s first tablet featuring Android2 learning content.