One plush animal, six faces. That’s the concept behind Whatsitsface, a new plush toy that changes faces six times. The toy will be shown for the first time at Toy Fair New York in the Launch Pad section at booth No. 4502 from Feb. 16-19. Whatsitsface features a patent-pending manual turning device that allows children to rotate and flip the plush toy’s face into six separate emotional expressions.

“Whatsitsface was designed to encourage fun and memorable interactions with children,” says Joanna Paul, founder and CEO of Whatsitsface. “Kids today are too connected to their phones and tablets! Whatsitsface fosters imaginative play and builds emotional intelligence — critical life skills in these interconnected times.”

The initial collection includes Bubba Bear, Meow-Zaa, and Poochie Pie. They are expected to begin shipping this June.