Guava Toys expands its brand and product line to more than 3,900 additional Walmart stores.

Created by YouTuber Roi “Guava Juice” Fabito, the current line of toys, which includes slime, bath bombs, and edible pancake art, will expand with six new products. Three new Premade Mystery Slime Packs and three Premade Slime Packs will feature out-of-the-box scented and textured slimes.

“Guava Toys allows kids to not take life too seriously and have fun,” says founder Roi Fabito. “With our latest products, we hope to inspire kids to squish, splat, and slime with friends!”

New tubes include slimes from the Crazy Carnival, Gross Out, and Vacation Voyages packs, alongside two mystery slimes included in each pack.

Abrams Artists Agency, which represents Fabito, negotiated the deal with Brandable Inc. in Los Angeles.

The success of Guava Toys, which is now available at both Target and Walmart, continues the crossover of digital personalities that are making the jump from YouTube to store shelves. In the past 18 months, Craft City by Karina Garcia and Ryan’s World by Ryans ToysReview have made waves at retail. The Toy Book recently broke the news that YouTube family Tic Tac Toy will debut a new line from Blip Toys this summer.