YULU Toys has a plan to protect its Flip Finz brand at retail. Flip Finz, which YULU Toys introduced this year, is a skill and action toys that twirls, flips, and lights up. Due to its quick popularity at retailers such as Walmart, the company has seen knocks offs of its brand trying to enter the marketplace.

“We’re extremely excited about the buzz that Flip Finz is generating at retail, but we’re very disappointed to hear about the many knock off companies trying to make money on our IP that we developed and own,” said Jochem van Rijn, one of the co-founders of YULU Toys.

YULU Toys is planning to pursue all knock offs and retailers carrying these products to ensure that their IP rights are protected. “We can assure you that we will check into any and all copycat product and do whatever we have to to protect our brand. We have invested heavily to build this brand and will continue to do so to further its success,” van Rijn stated.