Source: ZURU/The Toy Book

A year into its efforts to remove the use of virgin (non-recycled) plastics from its Bunch O Balloons brand, ZURU revealed that it has exceeded its goal by 57%.

Source: ZURU/The Toy Book

Last year, the company set a goal of removing 800 tons of virgin plastic from its water balloon line, but thanks to the use of recycled materials and increased orders for 2021, the company has marked a 1,200-ton reduction.  Additionally, ZURU is shipping Amazon orders of Bunch O Balloons in new, frustration-free packaging that the company estimates will result in an additional 29 tons of plastic saved just through Amazon orders in the U.S. alone.

“We’re thrilled to report these significant milestones as part of our commitment to make a transparent and lasting global impact,” says ZURU Chief Operating Officer Anna Mowbray. “It’s critical that we lead our industry by example and make meaningful, environmentally-conscious changes in our products with the future of our planet top of mind. We share this long-term commitment to conscious sustainability with both our business partners, as well as children and families around the world.”

ZURU is in the midst of rolling out a 360-degree sustainability program across its entire operation. Next steps include a move to plastic-free packaging on ZURU’s Sparkle Girlz products by 2025, and new ZURU programs that will reduce CO2 emissions by optimizing the space required to ship its Tiny Town products.

Mowbray notes that Bunch O Ballons parts, balloon pieces, and foil bag packaging can be sent to TerraCycle for recycling in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand at no cost to consumers.