Moose Toys Introduces Glitzi Globes


Paul Solomon, Co-CEO, Moose Toys

Paul Solomon, Co-CEO, Moose Toys

Moose Toys, Australian toy company and creators of arts & crafts lines Gelarti and Blingles, introduces Glitzi Globes, a new DIY line that comes with all of the materials girls need to create their own miniature, collectible snow globes. Glitzi Globes will be available at select toy retailers nationwide starting this fall.

Glitzi Globes took home top honors at the Australian Toy Association’s (ATA) Toy Hobby & Nursery Fair earlier this week. Moose won Toy of the Year, as well as Craft & Activity Toy of the Year for Glitzi Globes.

Moose Glitzi Globes

Designed for girls ages 4 and up, Glitzi Globes comes with all of the materials to assemble miniature, glittery globes that girls can pop, swap, share, and wear. With 24 characters and six themes to design and collect, Glitzi Globes will be great for this holiday season.