By Carol Kwok, Corporate Communication Officer, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The largest Hong Kong promotion ever to take place in the U.S. will be held this summer to showcase Hong Kong’s advantages for American companies looking to tap new business opportunities in Asia, particularly on the Chinese mainland.

Think Asia, Think Hong Kong will feature symposiums in New York and Los Angeles, June 11 and 14, respectively. Speakers will include CY Leung, chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR Government, and more than 60 prominent senior executives from global companies. The event was organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), with support from 14 Hong Kong partners and a number of U.S. organizations.

US-Hong Kong Ties

“As the global economic balance continues to shift to Asia, Hong Kong is the ideal business platform from which to access the myriad regional opportunities now available in the growing ASEAN area and the Chinese mainland,” says HKTDC Chairman Jack So. “Our low taxes, free economy, rule of law, English-speaking environment, and world-class business services make us the preferred partner for any overseas businesses wishing to tap these growing possibilities.”

There are approximately 1,400 U.S. firms in Hong Kong, concentrated in trading, banking and finance, and transport. As of last October, there were 869 U.S. companies with their regional headquarters or regional offices in Hong Kong, more than any other country.

In response to the U.S.’s National Export Initiative, the HKTDC launched the Pacific Bridge Initiative (PBI) in November 2010 to encourage American companies to work with Hong Kong in exporting to the Asian region. Since PBI’s implementation, the number of successful instances of U.S. companies exporting to Hong Kong has increased by 54.8 percent.

Asian Market Opportunities

The Think Asia, Think Hong Kong sessions will focus on why U.S. companies should use Hong Kong’s business advantages. They will also look at how Chinese enterprises have been expanding their international presence through Hong Kong and what mainland companies are looking for in global partners.

In addition, roughly 10 industry sessions will take place. These will provide practical tips on selling consumer brands to mainland China and throughout Asia, explore technology partnership opportunities, discuss finance-related topics, spotlight the latest trends in the mainland’s outbound investment, and look at Hong Kong-mainland collaborations in film and digital entertainment.

High-Profile Networking

More than 100 Hong Kong government officials and business leaders from a wide spectrum of sectors—including lifestyle products, fashion, food and wine, technology, finance, accounting, legal, logistics, and marketing—will take part in Think Asia, Think Hong Kong. Business-matching sessions will be organized with U.S. companies onsite.

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