Source: TriAction Toys/The Toy Book

It’s been a very happy holiday season for TriAction Toys as legions of Boglins fans have emerged like tiny elves to back Boglins’ biggest resurgence in decades.

With just over a week left to go on the Boglins World Domination Kickstarter campaign, Boglins backers have pledged nearly $200,000 toward the relaunch of the ghoulish hand-controlled figure puppets that Mattel originally launched back in 1987. When the Boglins officially return to retail next year, the new generation will have the same rubbery feel and moveable glow-in-the-dark eyes that fans remember (albeit with better materials) and will come inside packaging that recalls the originals with “wooden” crate-like boxes with bent plastic jail bars.

TriAction’s Chris Cofoni, Boglins co-creator Tim Clarke, licensor 7 Towns, and Mark Freedman of Surge Licensing have been plotting just how it will all play out after the Kickstarter winds to a close, and in the latest episode of Boglins Are Back, it’s “A Very Boglin Christmas” as the man with the bag gets enlisted to help distribute Boglins to all of their backers.

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While it might not actually involve Santa Claus, the Toy Book can exclusively reveal new details, perks, and a timeline for next year’s Boglins rollout!

Boglins 2021 Relaunch Details

  • In March, Kickstarter backers around the world will receive the first shipments of Boglins from TriAction Toys complete with a special bonus gift! Collectors of limited-edition enamel pins should be particularly interested in what’s being planned.
  • On April 1, the original Three Kings will debut in 31 countries around the world through multiple retail partners.
  • June 1 will see the debut of exclusives for Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC). In addition to distribution at SDCC in July, the exclusive Red-Eyed Kings will be available at Toynk; Golden-Horned Kings at Think 3Fold; and potentially a third exclusive to be announced!
  • Aug. 1 will usher in the debut of Dark Lord Blobkin, Dark Lord Bog-O-Bones, and Dark Lord Crazy Clown.
  • On Oct.1, King Wort and King Topor hit retail.
  • On Dec. 1, King Sponk and King Swogg will be unleashed.

Fans and collectors looking to build a Boglins collection from the start can back the project through Dec. 27, exclusively on Kickstarter.

To learn more about TriAction Toys’ long-term plans for the Boglins brand at retail, check out this recent interview on the ‘Power Kid Podcast.”