Family game night is a big hit among a lot of families. It’s their time to bond through games everyone enjoys. I love game night, spending time with my family, and engaging in fun games. Now I have a new addition to the occasional event. Family game night calls for family-friendly games and Awkward Family Photos, from All Things Equal, has definitely struck gold.

I had the opportunity to take Awkward Family Photos home with me and just from the photos on the outside of the box, I knew it would be an interesting game. I mean, how awkward is a baby in a wagon making a funny face? Well, you would be surprised. When I took the contents out of the box and saw it consisted of answer sheets, pencils, and a booklet with 20 questions alongside the deck of cards, I was wondering what this game could possibly be about. It was much more than what I expecting—in a good way!

Players must choose whether they will use the blue or red side of the card deck. The top card featuring an Awkward Family Photo is circulated around the players and when a number from one to 20 is chosen by the person next to you, you read the question that is of the same number listed in the booklet. The other players write their own answers to the question on their answer sheet. You can assign whatever time limit you want for them to write their answers and when they are done, the sheets are collected and the answers are read out loud. The reader picks his or her favorite answer and has to guess which player wrote it before the answers are revealed. For every correct match, a bubble is filled in on the answer sheet and the player that fills up all of the bubbles up first wins!

My favorite part about this game was everyone’s response to the photos and the funny answers they came up with. Sometimes we automatically knew who wrote what just based off of personality and it led to contagious laughter. Watching the reader crack under pressure to hurry and figure out who wrote what was funny as well. When my best friend had to figure out who wrote the answers to the question “What would you title this photo?” in response to the photo of an elderly person in a shiny gold jacket, he could not stop laughing because of the hilarious answers that we wrote. One of us called it “The Golden Years” and that was his favorite answer. However, he completely tanked at trying to figure out who wrote what. It was like being in a game of Seven Up and trying to figure out who touched your thumb out of a selection of people. Every time he got it wrong we could not contain our laughter, but neither could he!

Another time, my friend just knew she had the right person who answered a different question and when she got it wrong, her reaction was just as awkward as the face of the two people in the photo. Then, there were times that we were debating the photos so much we forgot all about playing and made jokes at the already awkward photos. Due to this being a group game, it was a lot more entertaining because of more people being involved. The game requires four to six players (Do not try with less!). I played once with my family (there were four of us) and another time with my friends (five of us) and boy did we have a blast! This game had us near tears just from the photos picked out of the deck alone.

Overall, this game really exceeded expectations. In the beginning the rules were a little confusing, but once we got into the groove of things, the game was really enjoyable. You can play this game over and over again and it never gets boring. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a new addition to family game night or just as a fun game to play with friends.

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