Distroller USA — the company behind Neonate BabiesChamoy & Amiguis, and the recent Cheekie Fairies — has a new addition: MikroNerlitos.

The smallest of all Distroller Neonate Babies, the MikroNerlitos are unlike any other Nerlie. Each doll comes housed in a slime-filled MikroIncubator that requires a special incubation process for kids to properly welcome their new little friend. As the story goes, Teeny, Tiny, Mini, Itsy Bitsy, and Nano are the first MikroNerlitos to arrive on Earth from the planet of Neonatopia. Like other Neonate Babies, the tiny aliens hope to be adopted by Neo-parents (kids) who will love and care from them forever.

MikroNerlitos by Distroller USA

The Neonate Babies first became popular in Mexico, with popularity reaching the U.S. through widely shared videos that detail the Neonate Babies’ alien mythology and their Earthbound adoption process and care instructions. The dolls and accessories are available through Distroller USA’s online store, or at Distroller World experiential retail locations in San Diego, Houston, and Glendale, California.

A selection of toys from Distroller USA is also available at Learning Express in Lake Zurich, Illinois, as part of a first-ever pilot program that launched this month.