To fête 160 years in business, FAO Schwarz teamed up with Schleich to release an exclusive T-Rex figure. | Source: FAO Schwarz/The Toy Book

FAO Schwarz is celebrating 160 years by partnering with Schleich to release a figure of the only animal that makes sense for such a monstrous anniversary: the king of the Jurassic period, the T-Rex.

As part of Schleich’s expanding Dinosaurs collection, the T-Rex is an authentic, lifelike replica — on a significantly smaller scale — featuring reptile textures and the dinosaur’s signature snarl. Positioned as a collectible, only 1,000 figures are available for purchase in stores and online.

In comparison with a regular T-Rex, this FAO Schwarz version paints the playscape red with the toy brand’s main color on the head, feet, and tail. A gold underbelly and the FAO logo, along with its recognizable motifs, on the body make this dinosaur a candidate for display.

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With Jurassic Park’s approaching 30th anniversary, kids can bring the action and learning to life with Schleich’s detailed and textured figures. This exclusive dino will seamlessly fit with any Schleich figures in an animal collection, from mythical creatures to farm and wild animals. With the Dino Research Station, at $30, T-Rex will fit in among a variety of prehistoric predators, including the well-known Brachiosaurus and the more obscure Mosasaurus.

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Maude Campbell (Guest Contributor)

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