Source: Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys is celebrating its Midwestern family legacy of play with the introduction of a new generation.

Emery Carson is the six-month-old daughter of Adam Carson, a 27-year-old industrial designer at Fat Brain Toys. It was Adam who initially suggested — at age 10 — that his parents, Mark and Karen Carson, open a toy store.

The arrival of Emery marks the third generation for Fat Brain Toys and the little one is getting into the family business. Emery’s Toy Box is a new section of the Fat Brain Toys website that features “reviews” by the little one. Essentially, the new blog will document which Fat Brain Toys Emery is enjoying at each stage of her development.

Emery Carson plays with Silly Rings | Source: Fat Brain Toys

“As a father and a toy designer, I simply can’t help but study the ways Emery interacts with objects around her,” says Adam Carson. “Like it or not, Emery has unwittingly become a full-fledged toy tester at six months old!”

Fat Brain Toys’ Mark Carson recently took part in the Toy Book‘s summer State of the Industry Q&A series. Read his outlook here.