PlayDoh JamPlay-Doh Jam is a mobile game that lets players squish their way to high scores in a colorful Play-Doh universe. The game was developed by Fat Pebble and is published by Backflip Studios in partnership with Hasbro Inc. Players use their finger to guide a virtual Play-Doh ball along, smashing targets along the way.

Each level begins by growing a Play-Doh ball as it rolls around obstacles and over targets. The more players squash, the bigger the ball becomes and the faster it rolls to build momentum. Players can roll over powers, receiving special bonus boosts as a result, and can also make their own collectible Play-Doh characters. At the end of each level, there are Play-Doh monsters that can be taken down by hurling the Play-Doh ball at them.

Play-Doh Jam is now available for iOS and Android mobile devices.