NERF Sports is a successful line of sporting goods from the well-known Hasbro brand. | Source: NERF

Hasbro has entered into an extended licensing agreement with sporting goods manufacturer and retailer Franklin Sports. The two companies hope to increase the distribution of NERF Sports products globally, as well as work together to expand the product line.

Under the deal, Franklin Sports will lead the development, manufacturing, and distribution of NERF products such as the Pro Grip Football, Nerfoop, Weather Blitz Football, and more. 

“In 2021 we started our relationship with Franklin to create NERF-branded products across a wide range of sports that delivered tremendous fun with forward-thinking designs and features,” says Jess Richardson, Vice President, Global Toys & Games, Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro. “Franklin has proven to deliver successful ranges of NERF Sports products, and we are excited to deepen our collaboration through a long-term strategic partnership to create even more quality products. We think this deal will further help us unlock NERF’s full potential in the sports category for fans across the globe, and we can’t wait to unveil what’s to come with the exciting new line of products.”

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In the deal the Franklin Sports President Adam Franklin is calling “a long-term strategic partnership”, it can be expected that news regarding the expanded range of NERF Sports and potentially new product lines is on the horizon.

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