Source: Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro is firing up its HasLab crowdsourcing platform again, this time to relaunch HeroQuest, a role-playing board game that originally launched in 1989.

The updated version will launch under the Avalon Hill Brand, a Hasbro subsidiary. It features new art, premium miniature figures, and exclusive quest books for an enhanced gameplay experience.

In the game, players battle barbarians and evil magic in an attempt to end the reign of the infamous Zargon. They take on the roles of different heroes in this quest, such as a barbarian, a wizard, an elf, or a dwarf.

Collectors and gamers can back the project here. The game will move ahead if this project raises $1 million by Nov. 6 (it has already raised more than $400,000 at the time of writing). There are two tiers of support to choose from:

  • The Heroic Tier ($99.99): Includes the core HeroQuest game system featuring 71 highly detailed character and furniture miniatures, four bonus hero miniatures, and an exclusive Sir Ragnar miniature that is only available during the HasLab campaign.
  • The Mythic Tier ($149.99): Includes everything from the core HeroQuest game system, two expansion packs (Return of the WitchLord and Kellar’s Keep), two exclusive figures (Mentor, The WitchLord), and the ability to receive additional components and exclusive offerings.

Fans can get a first look at the revamped game this Friday during a panel at Hasbro’s online PulseCon event. The panel will feature more in-depth information about the game, additional offerings, and more surprise reveals. Click here for additional details about the panel and check out a launch trailer for the game below.